Dear visitors of the Grand Holm Marina,

As a five-time mile-skipper of the Tallinn Yacht Club, the oldest yacht club in Estonia, I have travelled almost 2 000 nautical miles with my boat every season. It means I can add such a coastal countries as Malta, Albania, Slovenia and Cyprus to my wide collection of European countries visited by boat. In addition to the courtesy flags of these countries, there are also the courtesy flag of Venice hanging inside the bar of the Grand Holm Marina.
By the way, bellini tastes very good there in Venice and Haapsalu has been often compared to Venice. Personally, I would use this comparison to describe the Haapsalu Tagalaht Bay which reminds me of the Venetian Lagoon.
This summer, the maritime experience acquired on Mediterranean in Venice, will be put to good use at the Grand Holm Marina in Haapsalu. The highly esteemed Tallinn restaurant “Dominic” will operate the marina restaurant again, to enhance the Mediterranean atmosphere at Grand Holm Marina. 

Welcome to Grand Holm Marina, the summer port of Tallinn Yacht Club! 

Viktor Siilats
Founder of Grand Holm Marina